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Fertility Matters


would consider switching jobs for fertility benefits1


consider fertility a core part of health and well-being1


feel more loyal to their company when full fertility benefits are offered2


would stay longer at a company when fertility care is provided2

1) Data from 2016 Carrot Fertility Survey

2) Data from FertilityIQ Survey: “The Best Companies To Work For As A Fertility Patient: 2016 - 2017 Rankings”

Keep top talent happy with simple and affordable fertility benefits from Carrot

Affordable Fertility

Carrot is flexible enough to fit any company budget, whether fully or self insured

No Restrictions

Employees choose personalized care from top fertility specialists who fit their needs

Compassionate Experts

Carrot reduces stress and saves time for employees with features like unlimited messaging with Carrot Experts

Inclusive Care

Fertility care for all employees, including LGBT+ and women seeking fertility preservation

Great Customer Service

Always-on service for your HR leaders and teams

Compliant & Secure

HIPAA compliant so all data is protected and safe

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Monica Matison

HR Manager at 500 Startups

“500 Startups is committed to a workplace that is empowering and supportive to our employees, even when we offer benefits. We chose Carrot because it is a flexible solution that makes fertility care easier and more affordable for our employees. The ability to customize the product allowed us to do this in a way that fits our company needs while having a positive impact on our team."

Meet a few of our Carrot Experts

Dr. Asima Ahmad

Dr. Ahmad is the cofounder and Chief Medical Officer of Carrot. She is at UCSF, focusing on expanding access to fertility care globally. She received her bachelor’s degree and MD from the University of Chicago, and a MPH from Harvard.

Shem Lewis, RN

​Shem is an RN, MSW with more than a decade of experience working with fertility patients at world-class fertility centers. She earned her graduate degree from the University of Chicago and nursing degree from the College of Marin.

Dr. Amanda Adeleye

Dr. Adeleye is among an elite group of clinical fellows at UCSF Reproductive Health Center working to improve what is possible in the field of fertility. She received her MD from Columbia University.

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